Dreaming of the Best Company 
leading the field of liquid filtration and plant facilities
Technological Evolution, JS-ENG 

It is a specialized engineering company for painting facilities and environmental facilities
We will localize the technology of advanced foreign companies and become a global small company in this field
It contains the engineering company's willingness to step up. 

Liquid filtration field 

This is separating device to eliminate solid particle among gas or liquid, using centrifugal force of rotating solid particle by applying rotational motion to gas or liquid. Miniaturization is possible and it has excellent performance because they are separated by application of centrifugal force which is hundreds times of gravity. 
cyclone iron separator

Promoting the expansion of new market business, focusing on the liquid filter market, Increase market share  

Mesh filter tank  

It can be used in conjunction with centrifugal iron separators, which has the advantage of maximizing the synergy effect of treatment.  

Back filter press  

As a vertical filter that filters out foreign substances in liquid, the filter of roll structure can be automatically changed by differential pressure  

Oil and water separator  

Prototype development completed in 2021 (Certification & Validation)  

cyclone Back filter press  

The number of equipment cycles can be monitored by filter differential pressure or time, and foreign substances can be checked by drawing time and graph. Cause and analysis of quality is possible  

Sales performance of liquid filter 



CEO    Joo-sang Kim 
Company name JS ENG Co., Ltd
Address: 168, Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea B-dong 903
Phone 02-6265-7800 | Fax: 02-6265-7801
Mail js.kim@js-eng.com   
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